The popular tourist destination of Fort Myers and the large, expanding city of Cape Coral sprawl over the beautiful landscape of Florida. Keeping the growing population and tourist destination running smooth requires expanding communities to aid the increasing population and superior maintenance measures on current structures. Construction and other related projects bring the need for both short-term and long-term crane rentals to help keep up with the various demands.


Do not skip accepting construction or other types of projects due to the need for a high-quality crane. Crane Rental Connection is here to help each construction company with their individual needs. We understand the need for high-quality cranes, hauling or other forms of heavy equipment may only be part of specific job requirements. For example, the use of heavy duty cranes may not be part of every construction project plans. The decision to purchase large crane or other heavy duty operating equipment may create a financial burden for a construction company.


Crane Rental Connection has the most cost effective solution to fit the current construction budget. We rent our equipment at competitive, affordable prices to ensure each client’s construction project finishes with optimal results.


Cape Coral Florida Crane Rental


In the Cape Coral Florida area, we work with each client closely to ensure optimal results. We understand the construction company’s reputation is everything. We will strive to meet all the demands of the current job with high standards. Aiding in meeting the deadlines, we offer a variety of crane rental services to finish the construction projects. If using cranes is not part of the normal routine, our expert team will gladly come to the worksite to determine the right type of equipment for the job.


Our High-Quality Equipment


No matter the size of the construction job, Crane Rental Connect is here to help. Crane Rental Connection takes pride in providing high-quality, up-to-date equipment. We properly maintain our equipment to ensure accurate working order during use. After determining the construction site’s current needs, our expert team will provide the right form of equipment to do the job in an efficient, safe operating manner.



    • The appropriate crane rental for each job or stage of construction. Erecting large, concrete structures may not require the same type of rental as placing billboard sign.


    • Boom trucks to transport, life or haul heavy materials to various locations on the construction site


    • Small crawlers to aid in excavating and other types of construction site needs


    • Rigging equipment


    • Hauling units



Our main goal is to provide each client with the right equipment to finish the Fort Myer Florida construction job in the safest and most effective way possible.


Crane Rental Connect


Crane Renal Connect offers 24-hour service to provide optimal handling of each crane rental need. We are here for large or small construction jobs. We are also fully equipped to handle different types of emergency situations. If you need help due to construction site mishaps, delays, or harsh weather conditions creating damages, please contact us immediately. We are here to help your construction company meet demands.


If you have any questions or concerns about crane rentals in Fort Myers Florida, please contact our customer service representatives. Feel free to call, email or simply fill out the contact us from, our Crane Rental Connect customer service experts will be more than willing to help.