Our Mission…

Crane Rental Connect is your leading crane rental company in the United States. We offer professional crane services for your project. We have cranes and other equipment to suit your project needs. We also understand that safety is paramount therefore we have security solutions in place as well. Rest assured that our extensive team of professionals will stop at nothing to make sure we get the job done safely. We ensure that we explain to you about our safety measures to make you feel at ease concerning your safety concerns.

You can seek our services 24 hours a day throughout the week. The moment we receive your call, we strive to deliver within the shortest time possible. We pride in delivering reliable services at affordable prices. You can only expect the best from us regardless of the size and type of the project.

Our services

We offer several services as explained :

  • We rent out cranes of different sizes for different projects. This will be determined by our experts after you describe what you want.
  • If you need billboards installed, then we are the company for you.
  • We also erect steel structures that would otherwise prove difficult to erect using mere hands.
  • Residential construction is also part of our specialty. We dig up foundations and any other complex tasks hastening the building process.
  • We also take on any commercial construction project no matter the size of the building you want to put up.
  • Highways, bridges, and precast concrete erections are also in our area of specialty. We are engaged in countless such projects in the country.
  • The government hires us for any major construction of demolition project that it wants to undertake. We have the manpower as well as the machinery to take on any project.

Each of our equipment is handled by qualified and able professionals to ensure that we deliver on our promise. Contact us today to take advantage of our exceptional services. We are your best bet when it comes to crane rental needs.