Connect with a crane rental company who really cares about New Haven residents and businesses. Where some people see cranes as a nuisance on the skyline, Crane Rental Connect of New Haven, Connecticut sees it as progress. But here’s a confession: we don’t want cranes clogging the skies over our city either, so we make sure that our cranes are delivered and picked up as close to the beginning and end of a project, so we can keep projects moving forward and keep New Haven looking its best.

Crane Rentals in New Haven

Crane rentals in New Haven are unique. New Haven is building up in a great way, and we are proud to be a part of it. Do you have a project you’d like to get started in New Haven but don’t know where to start? Give us a call. We can start you off with some information about our fleet and a FREE quote. It’ll be the easiest call you make today and it will help you get the ball rolling for your best build ever.

The #1 New Haven CT Crane Rental Company

Why are we the top New Haven CT crane rental company? Our three pillars of success are sturdy and our efforts to keep them solid don’t go unnoticed. You probably heard about Crane Rental Connect through business partner, acquaintance or family member. That’s not surprising! Word of mouth is still our strongest form of marketing because our customers have such a great experience renting from us, they can’t wait to let others in on their “secret to building success”…us!

Safety: Safety comes first and we never pursue a job that we don’t feel is already 100% secure. We train all of our personnel, from secretaries to crane operators in the best practices for all kinds of situations.

Equipment: We own 100% of our fleet and we know each machine from the inside out. All of our equipment meets our strict fleet standards for age, condition, ease of use and maintenance. Your project will not be held up because of our equipment or operators.

Personnel: We hire a dedicated team, that means no contractors. By having full control of our personnel, we can make sure they are working to our safety and service standards. And those standards are pretty high, but we treat our staff like family.

Serving the whole New Haven region: Clinton, West Haven, Branfort, Milford, Wallingford, Guilford, Westbrook, North Haven, Madion,