We are the premier providers of crane rental service in Providence Rhode Island and our particular strength is inherent in our ability to offer dependable services on a full time basis. Our experience in the industry allows us to structure a 24-hour service where we serve our clients diligently and with top most dedication. The quality of our work in unrivaled and we maintain our high standard by dispatching professionals to every site where our cranes work. With their expertise and consistency in quality assurance, we are able to guarantee our clients quality work that will satisfy their objective. Our Providence Rhode Island crane rental service is structured to cater to the extensive construction needs that our clients may have which makes us the complete company that can offer the desired service.

We have a vast equipment inventory which is what enables us be in a position to serve our clients effectively. With crawlers, boom trucks and all terrain cranes among our fleet of machinery, our clients can rest assured that we will be able to respond to every challenge with the right equipment to handle the project and deliver on the task given. Of all the crane rentals in Providence Rhode Island, ours is characterized as being safest and most efficient and this is a result of our insistence on providing our clients with our experienced and certified operator staff who monitor and handle every project with the attention to detail required.

We guarantee quality work and as the crane industry professionals, our clients can look to us for assistance with any construction project. Our knowledge capacity in the industry is instrumental when it comes to approaching any project and we therefore view every project with the same focus and dedication. We never classify projects as huge or small which is why our quality shines through with every project we receive. We at Crane Rental Connect aim at making our clients feel at ease which explains our capacity to offer a free estimate of our crane rental service. With this, our clients are effectively informed on the estimates and the budget setting that will cover the crane solutions we provide which allows for clarity in project handling and completion. Serving all of Providence, Pawtucket, Cranston, Warwick, Coventry, Johnston, North Kingstown and more!