Crane rental connect has everything you might need to meet the demand of your construction or building project. We have an extensive fleet of equipment to take on any job and ensure that our customers are satisfied. We only work with the best manufacturers because we do understand the difference high quality equipment can make in challenging construction work.

Experienced team of experts

At crane rental connect you get a chance to interact with our team of experts who have been in the industry long enough to gain the needed experience. If you are not sure of the equipment that you need to do a given job our experts are more than willing to discuss with you all the options. Our staff go through safety training to make sure that they uphold the highest level of safety standards that crane rental connect is known for. For many years we have offered exceptional service to our customers. We have a strong inventory that is always expanding.

Safety standards

It is policy that we strive for the highest safety standards in all our operations. All equipment we own is evaluated on a daily basis and all the certifications, maintenance checks and procedures for all the units are updated according to the local guidelines. All certifications are filled by a third party inspector so as to ensure they are impartial and not compromised. This is why we are the go to company for crane rentals in Sarasota. Our staff make sure that all maintenance is completed on a regular basis and right on schedule. All crane operators are certified. Our project managers visit the site before commencing the project to make sure that all hazards on sight are addressed. Some of the hazards include overhead wires and underground pipes. This ensures that the job is done in a clean and most efficient manner.

If you want to hire the best crane rental services in Sarasota then Crane Rental Connect is the only choice for you.