Crane Rental Connect

At Crane Rental Connect, we have specialized in several services to ensure this is a one stop shop for all your construction needs. Our customer care personnel will be sure to answer any questions that you may have regarding our services. We offer competitive pricing for high-quality services. Before you can hire any of our equipment or services, send us a detailed description of what you need. We will send you a quotation immediately.

Services Offered

  • Crane rental services. We have different types and sizes of cranes for the various jobs you may have.
  • We also carry out billboard installation
  • Any steel structure that you need erecting, we are the guys for the job
  • Do you have signs that you need fixing at various strategic points? You have come to the right place.
  • Those who have residential, commercial and industrial constructions can hire our services to help with our equipment and expertise.
  • We have also specialized in bridge and highway construction where we have managed to get tenders from the government
  • We understand that maintaining some of the structures can be a daunting task. Therefore we take care of all the maintainance needs.Contact us today for a service you deserve!